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CU Direct Connect’s indirect lending business model is unique in that it can help you start building a quality auto loan portfolio today! We have the tools and expertise to help you own and manage your own program - 100% of the decisions are yours.

This comprehensive and flexible set of indirect lending capabilities include:

  • CUDC credit union consulting services
  • Members can apply online and receive immediate decisions from your credit union
  • New and Used auto loan processing service
    • Retail Auto Finance
    • Auto Leasing
    • Auto Refinance
  • Lenders Protection
  • Dealer management
  • Risk management
  • Some of the program features and benefits include:
  • Credit unions and dealers can electronically share documents and loan packages
  • Credit unions can provide dealers with same-day funding
  • CUDC also offers financing for boats, motorcycles, RVs and other non-automotive dealers
  • Vehicle leasing made available through CULA
  • CUDC developed a cutting-edge, proprietary web-based platform that connects credit unions to dealers which enables:
    • Automated underwriting logic
  • Reporting (Risk Management, Volume, Application & Registration, Dealer Performance and more)
    • Connects credit union lending and auto dealer F&I staff
    • Mobile-friendly tools with 24/7 access
  • Training and education events/support
  • Lending strategy consulting
  • Support for NCUA/State audits
  • Collaborative marketing programs with auto dealers
  • Management of dealer relations, agreements, creation and handling of dealer applications including:
  • Partnerships with independent and franchise dealers
  • Call center services to support credit union and dealer communication
  • Vetting and management of all loan documents from dealers prior to funding
  • Customer interviews
  • Funding and payments

Interested in learning more about how CUDC can help you expand your auto loan portfolio? Contact Us and a member of our management team will be in touch with you soon.

"Denver Community Credit Union has participated in the CU Direct Connect (CUDC) program for more than a decade.  As most credit unions know, the automotive market-space is becoming increasingly competitive. Consequently, gaining new market share and retaining existing member financing is becoming progressively difficult. CUDC helps us maintain our competitiveness by providing our members the convenience of obtaining credit union financing at the dealership. Similarly, CUDC manages the relationship with hundreds of auto dealers on our behalf while ensuring that our members are protected through stringent lending compliance. I work with many credit union service organizations (CUSO’s) and CUDC is considered one of our most valued partners."

- Tessa Bonfante, Chief Operations Officer, Denver Community Credit Union