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CU Direct Connect (CUDC) is a credit union service organization (CUSO) providing a cutting edge vehicle lending origination platform for credit unions and auto dealers. Formed in Colorado in 2002, CUDC serves 40+ credit unions and 1000+ auto dealer partners in our market areas.

In 1993, six Colorado credit unions established a new business entity to manage their auto loans with the dealerships. The business grew into a company called CU Member Lending.

Leveraging the 10 years of lending experience from CU Member Lending, CUDC was formed as a separate indirect lending program specifically for Colorado and Wyoming credit unions and dealerships. When CU Direct Connect was first formed, it remained under the management of CU Member Lending, gaining from years of credit union and indirect lending experience. With CU Member Lending's assistance, CUDC became one of Colorado’s largest indirect auto lenders and officially became CU Direct Connect in May of 2003.

CUDC now offers their expertise in indirect lending to CUSOs and credit unions outside of Colorado who want to own and manage their own program. CUDC can provide indirect lending loan processing services for new and used vehicles, auto leases, auto refinance and business consulting services.

The CUDC program is known in the industry for our unique business model in protecting credit union membership while giving participants full control of their lending criteria.

"Since I arrived at CU Direct Connect, I've been very impressed with the genuine sense of caring shown by our employees. Our staff works very hard to provide strong customer service, to resolve any issues and to treat all parties fairly. It is a pleasure to work with everyone at CU Direct Connect."

- Blair Korschun, President/CEO, CU Direct Connect