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Why pay bank fees when you can become part of a cooperative! Credit unions are member-owned financial cooperatives created and operated by its members, and profits are shared amongst the owners.

As soon as you deposit funds into a credit union account, you become a partial owner and participate in the union's profitability. Credit unions are formed by large corporations and organizations for their employees and members.

Credit unions members will instantly see the benefits of membership in the form of lower interest rates on auto loans and higher interest rates on savings. CUDC partners with 40+ credit unions and this number continues to grow as our program expands into new regions.  If you are currently a member of a credit union, find out if they participate in the CUDC program.

If you are looking for a credit union to join, use our online tool “CU Member Match” which will instantly match you with credit unions you are eligible to join.  Membership may be based on where you live, work, attend school or worship, or have a membership with an organization associated with the credit union.

You can also sign up for membership at a credit union branch or right at the auto dealership. CUDC is here to assist you so please send us your questions and feedback via our Contact Us page.