Understanding your credit score and how that will impact your auto loan rate is one of the first steps many people take before purchasing a vehicle. You can get a free credit report online to review prior to applying for auto loans or contacting a dealer. To learn more about free credit reports visit My FICO online.

If you have a current vehicle you will trade-in it is important for you to understand your own cars value before you bring it to the dealership. Consumers can access these free online tools to research the potential retail and trade-in values of their vehicle. 

It is also important to research the car you plan to purchase to ensure the information provided to you at the dealership matches the actual history of the vehicle.

Consumers can check the vehicle history using the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) via these free online tools:

Sites that compare and review new and used vehicles:

Loan payment calculators are a great tool to help you understand what you can afford before you begin your vehicle search. CUDC has developed a free online calculator for consumers:

If fuel economy (MPG) is important to you, these websites compare vehicles side-by-side and help calculate your own vehicles fuel economy:

With so many options available today it is essential to know what type of car will fit your lifestyle as well as your budget. There are many websites that offer helpful information including:

Once you purchase your vehicle maintenance is essential in keeping you safely on the road. These are a few online resources to help you learn about and track necessary maintenance:

Not planning to trade in your old car and interested in a nice tax break? Consider donating your vehicle to charity through one of these organizations: